Cannabis stigmas go up in smoke in study

The Star - Dunedin
April 24 2008
Page 4 - News

Cannabis stigmas go up in smoke in study

By Brenda Harwood

The general perception of the average cannabis users as a "stoned 17 year-old surrounded by pizza boxes" should be re-examined, according to the results of a study of Dunedin volunteers.

The study, conducted by PhD candidate Geoff Noller, of the University of Otago's Department of Psychological Medicine, reveals that cannabis users can range in age from teenagers to seniors, are likely to be in full or part-time employment or study, and hail from all walks of life.

Mr. Noller, who submitted his PhD thesis in December 2007, will discuss his findings in an open lecture, entitled "Hidden Voices: Cannabis Use and Users in Dunedin", at 7pm Tuesday in the university's St. David St. Lecture Theatre.

Mr. Noller began the process four years ago...(article continued in PDF image below)