Breaking News - Scarfie flat raided by cops

Breaking News - June 4,2008

This just in! On Tuesday a scarfie flat was raided by the police at the behest of the Campus Cop. The flatmates say that Campus Watch has been continually harrassing their flat all year and has repeatedly spied on them by peeking through their window. According to one flatmate if you live around the student quarter you can kiss your privacy goodbye as Campus Watch regularly ignore such concerns in their 'pursuit of offenders'.

A couple of weekends ago Campus Watch came peering in again and saw them supposedly smoking cannabis in the comfort of their own home and alerted the Campus Cop. The flatmates noticed when they came home later the next day that one of their 'flower vases' was missing. It was revealed to them on Tuesday during the raid that it was in fact the Campus Cop who entered their property when no one was home and took the 'flower vase'. This was used as the justification to obtain the search warrant that was presented when the flat was raided by police on Tuesday, where in fact no cannabis was actually found.

The four occupants have been jointly charged with 'allowing their premises to be used for drug use' (see attatched documents - coming soon). We have been in touch with the flatmates and will be supporting them during their court appearances where they will most likely enter not guilty pleas. OUSA is in the process of co-ordinating their response toward this continued aggression against students by the Campus Cop.

Here's their documentation:

Charge sheet for flatmate 1
Larger version

Charge sheet for flatmate 2

Charge sheet for flatmate 3

Front of unsigned search warrant

Back of unsigned search warrant

Watch this space for continuing coverage...