Letter to OU Proctor from concerned students

Subject: Otago NORML & campus watch
To: proctors.office@otago.ac.nz

Dear proctor,
Our names are XXXXX and XXXXX, and we are writing you as concerned members of the student body. As you are probably well aware, one of your Campus Watch employees arrested an innocent cannabis smoker yesterday on the OUSA sanctioned, 'Prohibition Free' campus.

As far as we have been informed, campus watch is there to protect and assist, not intimidate and persecute. We fear that these actions will only lead to further devastation of these students rights, going against what campus watch was initially put in place for.

We do not ask that you agree with our beliefs and actions regarding
cannabis, but we do ask that you respect us as people with the freedom to make our own decisions. It is misleading to allow OUSA to sanction campus as 'prohibition free' when that is not the reality.

As a female and a cannabis smoker I now have two things to fear when crossing campus, the drunken scarfies and Campus Watch. I am disappointed because Otago NORML was the one club that made me feel comfortable in my new environment, and now I am hesitant to associate myself in fear of persecution from the University.

We don't even know who the individuals are that have been harassed, I just feel sympathetic for the students who's lives are being disrupted during the height of preparing for final exams.

We understand you are probably quite busy, and we greatly appreciate your time and consideration on the issue.