Dunedin Cannabis Users Stand Up For Their Rights

This page will be where we collate information surrounding the interaction between Dunedin cannabis users, the New Zealand Police and Otago University's Campus Watch.

The situation has come to a head recently as the Otago University admninistration has decided it will no longer tolerate the Otago NORML 4:20 protests, after quietly allowing them to take place for over four years. At the behest of the University, Dunedin Police have announced a 'crackdown on cannabis on campus', which appears to be maliciously timed to coincide with the already stressful exam period, even though the Police have previously stated that "they have better things to do". Otago students have fought back, making it clear they will not be intimidated in their workplace.

Unfortunately the University and the Police do not seem to have gotten the message that students to not want to be harassed and intimidated because of their political views. Now the authorities have ratcheted up the persecution, violently arresting three student political leaders and even going so far as to have them trespassed from the Union Lawn to try and prevent them from associating with their fellow activists. These divide and conquer tactics have not worked. Due to a massive outcry from staff, students and OUSA, the University has been forced to back down and order the police to rescind the trespass notices.

More disturbingly though, the police have undertaken to infiltrate the student community with plainclothes police officers, sometimes also referred to as 'undercover narks'. All of the information we can gather about these operations will be detailed here. If this concerns you write a letter to OUSA or the Ethical Behaviour Contact network. And if you see any suspicious activity, report your sightings to us.

Refer to the following stories to catch up on what's been happening if you missed it:

Also see the Letters that we have received so far regarding these incidents

and the Complaints that have been made against Campus Watch and the Police's heavy handedness

Do you need support because you are being targeted as a cannabis user? Do you have any stories of negative experiences with Campus Watch or the Police? Share your views with us either via e-mail or leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we can begin to try to offer each other some support.

And if you do you have misfortune of dealing with the Campus Watch or the Police, make sure you know your rights!

Watch this space!

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