Plenty of puffs on drug tour

Plenty of puffs on drug tour
The Dominion Post
Friday, 16 May 2008

The long blue arm of the law watches over the red eyes of Ken Morgan as he celebrates the conclusion of a national tour promoting cannabis use with a cheeky smoke at Parliament.

Mr Morgan, coordinator of "Mary Jane the Cannabus" tour, said the restored bus that acts as a mobile "legalise cannabis" office visited 44 towns and cities around New Zealand.

"We invited locals to join us and in many towns we had hundreds of people smoke with us," he said.

A group of about 35 people gathered on the steps of Parliament from midday yesterday and were addressed by Greens MP Nandor Tanczos before being "moved on" by police at 4.30pm.

"We are grateful that they [police] have let us be here since midday," Mr Morgan said. He expected that the Government would make moves toward legalising cannabis soon.