About Otago NORML

The time for change is now. At Otago NORML we're working hard to raise awareness of the issue of cannabis law reform on all levels. We want to show our support for equal treatment of alcohol and cannabis for adults, as well as help to dispel some common misconceptions about cannabis and to help people understand why cannabis law reform should be a central issue in our world today. Numerous Commissions have all urged the New Zealand government to change its newonlinepokies.co.nz failed policies and to face the facts of the world we actually live in. We feel prohibition does more to create crime, destroy otherwise normal families, and create prejudice in a time when honest discussion is needed.

Our thrice weekly "4:20" protests are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:20pm on the Union Lawn at Otago University.

And if you like music and politics, check out our radio show, Overgrown - The Otago NORML Radio Show - Fridays 21:00 NZST, newonlinecasinos.nz 91FM Dunedin (Radio One)! - New Zealand's only Cannabis Law Reform radio show!

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